First Aid Cabinet 112 x 49 x 20 cm - Different colours

First Aid Cabinet 112 x 49 x 20 cm - Different colours

N8 2010
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Product Details DIN 13024 K stretcher and acc......

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Buy BHV Cupboard? Safety first with our emergency response cabinets!

The emergency response cabinet is equipped with a safety lock and is supplied with keys. The cabinet has the option of neatly storing dressing materials and accessories on the various compartments and shelves. This emergency response cabinet has been specially developed for the storage of, among other things, a stretcher.

Looking for an emergency response cabinet for the company or unit?

An emergency response cabinet, also known as a first aid cabinet or red cabinet, is an essential part of any safe working environment. It provides a central location for first aid materials and other emergency response (BHV) supplies. In the event of an emergency or accident, emergency response officers can quickly access dressing materials and other life-saving aids. Our emergency response cabinets are specially designed to ensure the safety of your company or unit. They are sturdy, durable and feature eye-catching orange, white or green color and pictograms, making them easy to find, even in emergency situations.

What contents do I need in an emergency response cabinet?

The contents of an emergency response cabinet can vary, depending on the nature and size of your company. In general, emergency response cabinets should contain a basic assortment of dressing materials and first aid items, such as: sterile bandages and compresses, adhesive bandages, wound dressings Triangular cloths and slings, rescue blankets, disinfectants, bandage scissors, tweezers, respirator masks and a first aid manual In addition, it may be wise to add additional items such as eyewash, instant cold packs, emergency hammer or other specific supplies relevant to your business. Our emergency response cabinets are available in various sizes and designs, so that you can always choose the right cabinet that fits the needs of your company.

Safety first with our emergency response cabinets!

Safety is paramount in any work environment. Our emergency response cabinets offer a complete and clear solution for all your emergency response materials and first aid items. They are robust and equipped with locks, so that the contents remain safe and protected from unauthorized access. In addition, our emergency response cabinets are provided with clear labels and pictograms, making them quick and easy to find in emergency situations. This saves valuable time when providing first aid. Choose the safety and quality of our emergency response cabinets and make sure that your company or unit is well equipped for emergencies. Buy BHV Cupboard? Invest in safety and convenience with our emergency response cabinets, the ideal solution for company emergency response and first aid materials!


  • Dimensions: 112 x 49 x 20 cm
  • DIN 13024 K stretcher and accessories
  • Mounting accessories for first aid kit DIN 13164
  • Made of steel plate with a safety lock and first aid emblem on the door.
  • Available in orange, green or white.