Heartsave AED battery life 6 years

Battery Primedic Heartsave AED lifespan 6 years

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Battery for the HeartSave AED from Primedic. The battery has a Le.........


Want to buy Primedic Heartsave battery? Reliable power for your Primedic AED!

Is it time to replace the battery of your Primedic AED, AED-M or AS? Search no further! The Primedic Heartsave battery provides the powerful performance and reliability you need for your lifesaving AED device.

Why choose the Primedic Heartsave battery?

This battery is specially designed to work seamlessly with the Primedic AED, AED-M and AS models.

  • Optimal performance : The Primedic Heartsave battery provides a long-lasting and consistent power supply, so that your AED is always ready to save lives.

  • Guaranteed compatibility : With this battery you are assured of a perfect fit and trouble-free operation with your Primedic AED devices.

  • Easy installation : Replacing the battery is simple and quick, so your AED will be ready for use again in no time.

  • Trusted quality : Primedic is known for its high-quality medical equipment, and the Heartsave battery is no exception. You can rely on the durability and performance.

  • Battery for the HeartSave AED from Primedic.
  • The battery has a lifespan of 6 years
  • Primedic AED, Primedic AED-M, Primedic AS

NB! Not suitable for the Primedic HeartSave PAD!

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